Friday, April 27, 2007

Scott(ish) Roots update

I just updated a few genealogy (family history) links which seem to have changed recently.
This may be helpful for those of you looking into your Scott family roots.


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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Scots migration databases revisited

In a recent post I mentioned a joint Scotland-US cooperative initiative but couldn't locate the details. Here's some information which may relate:

Original post:
Scots migration databases

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Electric Scotland Scott page revisited

I just rediscovered this today and was glad to see a link still there to the Clan Scott website.

For other Clan Information sources go to:

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Branxholme on Teviot , Chisholmes of Borthwick Water

We've received an enquiry from the Clan Chisholm which some of you may be able to help with:

"Greetings to Clan Scott.
In a recent newsletter for the NZ branch of Clan Chisholm, I focused on the Border branch of the Chisholms, this was in fact the origin of the Highland Clan. I did this in response to a local family “mystery”, was one of our early settlers a relative of the great Sir Walter, in accordance with family myth, or not? This led me to a closer investigation of the Border Chisholmes in relationship to Scotts, and I have described this in detail on pages 12/13 of the newsletter:
I was truly struck by how totally surrounded Chisholmes were, Scotts on every side, with Branxholme itself basically over the back fence. The origin of the Chisholmes remains a great mystery, we have the first recorded appearance in Roxb in 1254 AD. Clan Chisholm myth/legend /history is that the lands on Borthwick Water were acquired by a Norman knight, ex Tyndale, marrying a “Saxon” heiress. This “heiress”, would have to be the mother of all Chisholms, so I am making some tentative enquiries, might she be in fact a Scott, a 12th or 13th century “Flower of Teviot”, an only child, worthy of sending off with a dowry of what might have been very prime Scott real estate.
So I was wondering if any of your Clan Historians or readers knew exactly when Scotts acquired the Teviot -Borthwick estates, and if it was earlier than say 1225AD, whether or not they had any comment on my tentative suggestion regarding the “mother of all Chisholms”, or if they would have any other comment on how and why the Chisholme parcel on Borthwick Water would not be part of the great Scott estates.

Kind regards
Robert Chisholm
Clan Chisholm New Zealand Branch."

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Back online

Will resume weekly items asap.